An article in the British magazine HiFi News in January 2010 by John Howes and Ken Kessler remembered the 63rd anniversary of the Williamson amplifier with a listening competition of an original Williamson "mono-block" amplifier against some modern High End amplifiers and a lab comparison of its specifications which it both won. The final conclusion: “Why is no one making these amps?”.

Indeed, the author made some of these amplifiers, some with existing ouptput transformers and some with output transformers he developed himself and every dag he enjoys his favorite music through those amps.

The image below shows the headline of the article.

This website will examine the possibility of creating such amplifiers with the products that are still available today and will try to give solutions to questions that will rise.

This website is meant for those people who have experience with servicing vacuum tube amplifiers, who are familiar with Ohm's law and are aware of the dangers of the high voltages in these devices and the risk that these high voltages remain in these devices even when they are switched off.

If you don't have this experience and knowledge buy some books with theory on this subject and start with a simple tube amplifier kit.

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