This is the image of a stereo williamson amplfier with integrated phono pre amp. The design of the chassis Pascal Jansen  in 1997. Technical realization Bert van der Kerk

Welcome to the most complete do it yourself guide on the D. T. N. Williamson tube amplifier.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction.
Chapter 2. The History
Chapter 3.
The Circuit
Chapter 4. The Tubes
Chapter 5. The Personal Story
Chapter 6. Project with Unitran Transformers
Chapter 7. The Amplifier Designed by Pascal Jansen Project
Chapter 8. The UltraFine Output Transformer Project
Chapter 9. The Power Supply, The Time Delay Power Switch
Chapter 10. Putting into Operation, Adjusting Bias
Chapter 11. Applying Negative Feedback, Adjusting C10, R26P
Chapter 12. Interesting Links

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using the space below and above the resistor mounting board